Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Make a Clock from Old Round Side Table

We had a great weekend with family!!

That's my daughter, my Mom,

my granddaughter, and my daughter-in-law!

They are a colorful group inside and out.

We are visiting the gift shop where my Mom works.

If you visit Louisville, NE,

Today I thought I would share some projects

that Rachel and I were working on .

My granddaughter found this side table

in the neighbor's trash.  

She loaded it up in her golf cart and brought it to my garage.

At first I thought, "not so much"

and was going to throw it away.

But then I thought I could salvage the round wood.

So my husband cut all of the spindles off.

Rachel had the idea for a large wall clock

so this worked perfect!

After some wood filler and sanding,

she brushed on a brown paint base.

We used a little vaseline on the edges over the brown

before applying an off white paint

(Crumb Cookie - Olymia - Lowes)

Then I made a stencil for the roman numerals

and brushed in a brown black .

Mark had to chisel out a square in the back

so the clock mechanism would set inside.

Now a little sanding for distressed edges,

and the old pink table has turned beautiful wall decor.

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That same day we also mitered some corners

on pine boards and gave an old dorm mirror

a new look.

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This is another project we made together -

an upholstered pallet ottoman.

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Love our project days!!

Sharing a love for handmade homes,


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Making Scripture Word Art

Hey Friends!

Today I'm combining 

a few of my favorite things...

words from my savior


yah, paint;

not like the two are that close 

on the important-o-meter,

but they go together in my world.

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Boy, do I need reminders around

about right living.

I guess God knew that when he said

"Tie them (my commands) to your hands,

wear them on your forehead as reminders.

Write them on the doorposts of your house

and on your gates" Deuteronomy 6: 8-9.

So, how about putting them on your wall.

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Build a box frame

with 1/4" underlayment

and furring strips.

Put a wash of brown acrylic front and back.

Brush on a coat of white.

I like to use Olympia Paint and Primer in one

from Lowes. Color - Crumb Cookie.

This piece measures 24" x 24".

The white stripes are 4".

Colored stripes are 3".

The pencil shade on the back of the lettering

will transfer when you press from the front

with a pen.

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Can't wait to paint more verses.

Hope you enjoy making one for your home.

I'm also selling these on my Etsy.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Much appreciation,


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